As a prestigious and experienced expert firm, we are available with competent, fast, and reliable results for valuation projects of all kinds, for both individual properties or portfolios, both domestically and abroad. We provide objective property appraisals with traceable, well-founded, and complete information.

Both the company and its employees are independent, meaning that neither the company nor the employees are involved in financing or brokering assessed properties.

Appraisals are processed exclusively by qualified experts and employees with many years of professional experience, from site inspections to final reviews.

All of our services are based on the highest quality standards and outstanding professionalism. Our appraisals are completed and prepared in accordance with applicable national and international standards.

Ongoing observations and analyses of the regional, national, and international real estate markets and a comprehensive data archive based on many years of appraisal work ensure we can offer a comprehensive understanding of the market and highly precise, high-quality appraisals in line with market conditions for both current and past valuation dates.


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